Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diprosalic Pommade Used


These days it has launched the campaign "My life without you " a collaborative proposal for the Internet, encouraged by health care professionals to offer smoking cessation advice.

in different areas of the healthcare blogosphere have echoed the campaign, more or less following a common discourse, for example in the case of Maria Garcia-Puente , Montse Carrasco or with some variations as María José Alonso ... there were many more, no doubt, I have chosen these three examples as being the closest.

In my case, I can not the snuff ... for years and professional issues have been in smoking environments bitter and believe me when I say that I was very funny.

But in this post I'm not going to talk about my personal experiences with the snuff ... I am going to speak from a professional standpoint.

The snuff is not only bad for your health ... also for the electronic equipment .

Ash is a good conductor of electricity, and as such, so we can see in the ashtray as having a microscopic size and is contained within the smoke, pose a serious threat to electronic devices.

One of the metrics with which measures the reliability of electronic equipment is MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), and there is evidence of the drastic reduction of time between failures when this equipment is operated in a smoky environment.

Thus, writing in the notebook with a cigarette or talk on the phone while exhaling smoke through his nose and mouth makes the duration of these devices is less.

Message: Smoking is bad. Let.

may not want to do it for you , even not give in to pressure from your partner or your children, even to be cold on the sidewalk to take a cut for not giving up "the pleasure " ... then do your expensive gadgets they always have and you use most your package snuff.

Do it for your iPhone, your Mac or Vaio ... They will thank you!


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